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November 1, 2016

Nielsen Adds Pathmatics Data, Spongecell Raises $10.5 Million, PRO-Smart Adds Intelligent Cross-Sell

Pathmatics to Provide Nielsen with Enhanced Digital Intelligence in U.S. and Canada


Nielsen will be using Pathmatics’ “digital advertising intelligence” data to provide advertisers with more detail about competitive advertising, including new media types, purchase preferences, and targeting of different devices.  This is information about ad placements, not individual consumer behaviors.  But it still shows how all parts of marketing are gaining access to more detailed data and, one hopes, making good use of it by becoming more analytical.

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Spongecell Raises $10.5 Million to Expand Digital Ad Personalization


Spongecell automatically generates, tests, and optimizes different creative variations for online ads, using customer data for personalization and content selection.   By streamlining the personalization process, it makes it easier for marketers to get more value from their customer data.  The company has just raised $10.5 million to expand its business.

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PRO-Smart PROS Introduces Dynamic, Intelligent Cross-Sell into SellingPRO Smart CPQ; Personalizes Customer Buying Experiences


Here’s another non-marketing use for customer data: providing intelligent advice to sales people.  PROS offers cloud-based solutions to help with product recommendations, pricing, and deal management.  It can advise human agents or feed directly into Web sites.  And, yes, it uses “advanced data science”…but nowadays, who doesn’t?

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