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November 30, 2017

Tips for Effective Customer Messages

Tech Buyers Rely Most on Friends and Search Engines for Product Discovery: Lavidge Survey


We seem to have a "customer behavior" theme this week. I don’t know why but let’s go with it. A study from marketing services consultancy Lavidge finds that tech buyers rely most on colleagues and friends, search engines, and vendor Web sites as data sources during product discovery, while paying less attention to case studies, industry reports, blogs, and advertising in general. No prizes for guessing that cold call telemarketing is the least favorite of all.

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Engineers Are Different. So is How They Buy: IEEE GlobalSpec and TREW Marketing

TREW Marketing

The Lavidge survey covered managers in many departments. Engineers are a different breed altogether. True to stereotype, this survey from IEEE GlobalSpec and TREW marketing finds engineers’ favorite information sources are just-the-facts case studies, ebooks, and white papers. Speaking of stereotypes, do engineers lack social skills? I’d never say that, but the survey found 64% of engineers get information from Web research while 13% ask their colleagues. In the Lavidge study, 52% cited colleagues and 34% preferred Web sites. Just the facts.

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Cross-Channel Messaging Really Works: Braze Study


But really effective marketing is cross-channel anyway, right? A survey from cross-channel personalization vendor Braze (formerly AppBoy), found that mobile app customers who received only email messages showed a 45% increase in engagement (vs customers sent no messages), but customers who received email, push and in-app messages showed a 543% increase. (Okay, this item doesn’t really relate to the previous two. I do the best I can.)

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