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December 8, 2017

Let's Wallow!

Openbridge Launches Data Integration Marketplace

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Openbridge provides a data integration software and services with prebuilt connectors for over 600 systems, including many marketing automation, personalization, and analytics tools. They’ve built some connectors themselves and have now launched a “data marketplace” including connectors from other vendors, including the Segment CDP as well as Fivetran, Funnel, Stitch, and Alooma. Openbridge also provide professional services to help with challenges such as customer identity matching. It’s an interesting approach.

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Iguazio Offers Unified Data Platform for Real-Time Events


Iguazio is also in the data integration business. Their specialty is real-time data gathering for event-driven applications such as fraud detection, security, and equipment monitoring. Secret sauce is a unified data model that can take inputs from many standard sources and expose it to many standard applications. It’s too technical to call a CDP but a good example of an overlapping approach that solves some of the same problems. They launched in September after raising $48 million. Latest news is opening a Singapore office but that’s just an excuse to mention them.

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Marketers Using More Attribution But Still Struggle to Act on Results: AdRoll and Econsultancy


I could find another piece of obscure data technology news but you wouldn’t read it. Instead, here’s an especially fine survey from Econsultancy about marketing attribution, sponsored by AdRoll. It’s your chance to wallow in glorious details about uptake, methods, goals, benefits, challenges, channels, effectiveness, regional differences, and more. Just in time for the weekend!

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