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December 11, 2017

77% of Global Web Pages Track User Identity

Google Captures Identity on Nearly Two-Thirds of All Web Page Visits: Ghostery Study


Just how much of your Web behavior is actually tracked by data aggregators? Well, Google and its affiliates alone track visitor identities on nearly two-thirds (64.4%) of worldwide Web browsing, according to a study by anti-tracking vendor Ghostery. Facebook trailed with trackers for a mere 28.8% of all page visits. Ghostery found 77.4% of pages had at least one tracker while more than 15% of pages had ten or more.

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Walled Gardens: Google, Amazon Block Each Others’ Products

The Verge

Maybe you trust Google to act in your interests. Maybe you don’t know they’ve blocked YouTube from Amazon devices for competitive reasons. Or that Amazon won’t sell Google’s Nest products and just recently released a Prime Video app for the Google Play Store. There’s a reason they call these companies walled gardens: and in case you’re unclear, it’s you the consumer they’re keeping inside their walls.

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New Barriers to Information Flows Disrupt Business: Accenture Report


Of course, regulating the the Internet giants has its own problems. This Accenture study on “digitial fragmentation” finds restrictions on free flow of data are an increasing factor in business decisions. More than half the CIOs and CTOs surveyed said national barriers will limit their ability to use cloud services and to operate effectively across borders. Almost three-quarters (74%) said they expect to leave, not enter, or delay entering a market due to new restrictions. Almost everyone (91%) said barriers will increase IT costs due to higher labor expense and more local infrastructure.

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