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December 14, 2017

mParticle Adds Xbox Data Collection

mParticle Adds Xbox Data Collection


You’ve made it clear, Dear Reader, that CDP vendor news is your favorite. So here’s an announcement that mostly-mobile CDP mParticle has added a native SDK for Xbox. Like Neil Armstrong’s “one small step for a man”, it’s less important for what it is than what it signifies: the ever-expanding range of customer behaviors that marketers can capture.

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Swrve Exposes Customer Intent in Real Time


Swrve could also be called a mobile CDP, although they prefer “customer interaction platform”. They can now calculate and expose customer intent during real time interactions, making it easier for marketers consider intent when selecting customer messages. Maybe it’s not fair to call Swrve a mobile CDP: it can gather data from digital and offline channels, internal systems and third party sources, and it can push messages to streaming digital media, Web browsers, SMS, and email as well as mobile apps.

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Target Spends $550 Million for Same-Day Service


Shifting to the bigger picture: Target just spent a half-billion dollars to buy same-day delivery service Shipt, strengthening Target's position in the on-going battle with Amazon. Why isn’t there a TV soap opera about this?

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