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December 19, 2017

How Can Retailers Be Saved?  Three Opinions.

GK Software Adds AI-Driven Personalization to POS

Business Wire

The line between customer-facing and back-office software is rapidly vanishing. GK Software mostly builds retail Point of Sale systems, but they’ve expanded to other channels and adjacent functions such as merchandising and promotion management. They just announced they’ll be using artificial intelligence to generate personalized product recommendations, dynamic pricing and promotions, smart shopping lists, and individualized newsletters. These can be delivered via POS, mobile POS, and self-service channels. You can bet there’s a customer database lurking somewhere underneath.

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Price Is Most Important to Retail Shoppers: Scandit Survey


Reaching buyers during checkout is often too late. The 2018 Retail Consumer Survey from barcode scanner vendor Scandit not surprisingly suggests that barcode scanning can help. They offer many clever examples. Still, the most sobering data in this survey is that price is by far the most important factor in selecting a retailer: it was cited by 55% of respondents, followed by stocking preferred brands (18%), merchandise selection (13%), and, oh there it is: customer service (10%).

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Workforce Quality Is True Key to Retail Success: RSR Research

RSR Research

So, is it game over for retailers? Should they turn their stores into vast couch showrooms and sell popcorn as customers purchase online? The seriously smart folks at Retail Systems Research don’t think so: they’ve found that successful retailers feel employees should take the initiative in engaging with customers, not just wait for technology to tell them what to do. And, RSR argues employers should invest in quality workers – even raising wages! – to make this possible. That's crazy talk.

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