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December 20, 2017

New Challenges, New Hope for Programmatic Advertising

Advertising ID Consortium Adds New Members

Market Wired

I can’t quite decide if this item is significant, but it’s pretty clear there won’t be much real news this week, so what the heck. The item in question is an announcement from the Advertising ID Consortium that they’ve added a bunch of new members. The Consortium provides standard identifiers for devices and for people. So in theory it could be an important way to scale programmatic advertising audiences. What’s not clear to me is how much advantage the Consortium offers over stand-alone offerings from founding Consortium members AppNexus, Index Exchange, and LiveRamp.

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Context Lifts ROI by 30% vs. Pure Programmatic: IRI Study

IRI Worldwide

And, let’s face it, the bloom has faded from the programmatic rose. On the one hand, we have reports like this one from the Conference Board’s Society for New Communications Research, that 42% of marketers don’t know where all their ads run and as a result worry about brand safety. And then there’s this one from IRI that finds ads on relevant sites perform 30% better than ads targeted at individuals regardless of the context. Context-free targeting is how programmatic works.

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Marketers Expanding In-House Programmatic Capabilities: ANA Study


Still, programmatic is far from dead. This ANA study reports it accounts for 78% of digital display spending and the share continues to increase. But the ANA confirmed that marketers have brand safety concerns and found that 35% of marketers taking over more programmatic work from their agencies. Already, 47% own their tech provider contracts and 32% do their own audience planning on a DMP. There’s considerably more in this study: it’s worth a download if you’re interested in the topic.

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