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December 20, 2017

How Marketers Know If They've Been Naughty or Nice

Higher Marketing Accountability Yields 5% Marketing ROI Increase: Forbes CMO Report


Did you know there’s Marketing Accountability Standards Board? Me neither. Judging from the density of this paper Forbes CMO paper done with them, they’re more accountants than marketers. I mean, 46 footnotes? They did include some digestible bits, including that companies with better marketing accountability achieve 5% better returns on marketing investments and over 7% higher growth. Lots more here to read the kids during that long ride to Grandma’s.

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Two-Thirds of Marketers Make Decisions Without Data: Deloitte Fuqua CMO Survey

Deloitte Digital

Not sure your kids will sit still for a 33 page Forbes paper? No problem. The creative folks at Deloitte Digital have extracted a nine-page summary from the massive CMO Survey they do with Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. CDP aficionados will be pleased to learn that “marketers are finally realizing the consequences of poorly integrated customer information across channels”. More relevant to today’s theme: 68.4% of marketers don’t use analytics data to help make everyday business decisions. Didn’t know we had a theme today, did you?

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Just 11% of Marketers Spend Their Budget Effectively: WorkSpan Survey

Business Wire

Maybe CMOs would be more successful if they spent less time answering surveys. Here’s one more, this time by partner marketing specialist WorkSpan. They found that just 11% of marketers are confident their budget is spent effectively. Perhaps hoping to save marketers some time, WorkSpan reported results in a press release without publishing the report itself. And, I was just kidding about CMO surveys: 68% of study respondents held non-CMO titles.

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