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January 8, 2018

Let's Worry About GDPR

Most EU Consumers Would Exercise GDPR Rights If They Knew About Them: Pega Survey


The year is young, but I think there’s been a noticeable drop-off in news about artificial intelligence. The replacement topic seems to be scare stories about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the upcoming European Union restrictions on use of consumer data. For example, this survey from Pegasystems found 79% of consumers don’t know about GDPR but 82% said they’d exercise their new rights once they were told about them. Almost half said they’d tell companies to erase their data if they learned it were being sold or shared – vastly more than for robo calls, poor targeting, or unwanted marketing.

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More Consumers Worry About Cybersecurity Than Protect It: McAfee Report


Will consumers exercise their rights under GDPR? One reason to doubt is they haven’t done much to protect themselves against more pressing threats such as cybersecurity. This study from security vendor McAfee found that 63% of consumers worry about identity theft if their home networks is breached but 41% don’t bother to change default passwords on new devices right away. In fact, 34% don’t limit access to their home network at all. Annoyingly, McAfee only released an infographic rather than the full research.

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GDPR Poses Threat to Data Management Platforms: DigiDay Article


But businesses need to prepare for GDPR regardless of how consumers eventually react. This piece in DigiDay says Data Management Platforms in particular will need massive changes, ultimately shifting from anonymous third party data to identified first party data. That will land them squarely in Customer Data Platform territory, he noted with a smirk.

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