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January 15, 2018

CDPs Help Retailers Improve In-Store Personalization

Evergage CDP Adds Personalization to One Step Retail Solutions In-Store Systems


The National Retail Federation’s big trade show kicked off in New York yesterday. This would usually generate a flood of news but so far it’s more of a trickle. Here’s one item from a CDP vendor: Evergage announced an alliance with in-store tech vendor One Step Retail Solutions and retail marketing agency Sophelle. They’ll use Evergage’s data unification and real-time personalization to gather data from One Step systems and to provide those systems with personalized messages.

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CDP AgilOne Adds High-Speed Query Tool and Customer Privacy API

Globe News Wire

Retail-focused CDP AgilOne also made an announcement at NRF. They highlighted enhancements including a new high-speed data query tool, a customer privacy API to comply with GDPR and other requirements, and easier access to real time contextual information by in-store systems and other customer-facing applications.

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Ecrebo Adds POS Personalization Platform with Unified Data

Business Wire

Most of the news from NRF seemed to be about in-store systems – not especially surprising, but where were artificial intelligence and unified online/offline experience? Instead we have point of sale marketing specialist Ecrebo announcing a new platform to deliver targeted offers at checkout via printed receipts, digital receipts, or customer-facing screens. Ecrebo bases its targeting on a central database that combines transactions and other data from all channels, so it does look a bit like a CDP. Not that I’m obsessed.

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