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January 22, 2018

Google Adds Connectors to Load Salesforce Data

Google Adds Connectors to Load Salesforce Data

Tech Crunch

One question haunting the CDP industry is what happens when enterprise tech vendors start offering data unification. It hasn’t happened so far but last week did see new connectors between Salesforce CRM data and several Google products: Google Analytics 360, the BigQuery database, Google AdWords, and DoubleClick Bid Bid Manager. They’re first fruit of a partnership announced last year. If Google builds more connectors and adds core CDP functions such as identity resolution, this could get interesting.

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Vizergy Launches Customer Analytics TargetingHub for Travel Marketers


Another alternative to standard CDPs is industry-specific products with native connectors to operational systems. Vizergy, which offers travel Web sites that integrate with reservation systems, already loads and unifies customer data. It just launched TargetingHub to analyze that data and assign customers to segments. Vizergy also throws in 140 predefined campaign ideas to help marketers use the results.

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More than Half of Mobile Apps Don’t Comply with GDPR: SafeDK Study


Hungry for your daily dose of GDPR? Chew on this: SDK management vendor SafeDK found that 56% of mobile apps include at least one SDK that accesses location, which is considered private data. Many also read lists of installed apps (42%) and contacts (29%), and 10% access the microphone. The study found the average mobile app includes 18.5 SDKs. You’ll find plenty more SDK trivia to liven up that Super Bowl party.

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