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January 26, 2018

Personalization Increases Revenue up to 21%

Personalization Vendor Barilliance Adds Unified Customer Database


Retail personalization specialist Barilliance has added the ability to build a multi-source customer database, including CRM, purchase history, and Web behavior data. The extension is part of a new module, Retention, which also lets users define segments and select offers to deliver via Web personalization, email, Facebook ads, or product recommendations. Whether this qualifies Barilliance as a CDP depends on whether the data is also available to other systems. Apparently not.

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Email Personalization Delivers Up to 21% Revenue Lift: Liveclicker Study


You probably don’t need convincing that personalization is helpful but it’s still nice to proof. The Relevancy Group offers some in a report sponsored by email personalization vendor Liveclicker. Analyzing Liveclicker client results, they found that dynamic email content based on behavioral targeting delivered nearly 8% more revenue, real-time personalization based on open time and context delivered a 13% lift, and machine learning personalization increased revenue by 21%. They also report that 55% of consumers said they like emails with relevant products and offers. The rest are masochists.

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Nucleus Research Offers Free Copy of Detailed Technology Buyers Guide

Nucleus Research

Whatever kind of system you’re thinking about buying, Nucleus Research has a gift for you: a free copy of their 268-page 2018 Enterprise Technology Buyers Guide. This provides sector overviews and individual vendor assessments for CRM, Marketing Automation, Analytics, Enterprise Content Management, and seven other categories. CDP isn’t included, alas. Separately, and also free, they’ve published ‘State of the Market’ reports on several categories including CRM and Analytics. Great stuff. Did I mention free?

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