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November 15, 2016

xAd Buys WeatherBug, PlaceIQ Adds Nielsen Catalina Data, Drawbridge Offers Free Tests

Location Ad Network xAd Raises $42.5M and Spends Some to Buy WeatherBug

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The recent election may have made data, and facts in general, seem less important.  But marketers still hunger for it.  Location-based mobile ad network xAd just bought itself a heaping plate of data by purchasing WeatherBug, which has an app with more than 20 million unique users and a network of more than 10,000 private automated weather stations across the country.  xAd also announced a new funding round of $42.5 million, raising its total to $116.5 million.  Weather data and location data go hand-in-hand, especially when consumers are checking the weather on a mobile app.

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PlaceIQ Adds Nielsen Catalina Solutions Data to Track CPG Customers More Closely

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Speaking of location data from mobile devices, PlaceIQ says it gathers more than 10 billion location-enabled device movements every day.  They recently announced a relationship with Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS), which has its own database of purchases by nearly 90 million households at 18,000 retail locations.  Adding the Nielsen Catalina data to PlaceIQ will let marketers do even better targeting and result measurement.

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Drawbridge Offers Self-Service Customization of Cross-Device Identity Rules


And completing our little tour of mobile data news, cross-device identity company Drawbridge announced a 60 day free trial of a dashboard that lets marketers test the impact of different matching algorithms.   This is a clever move that gives skeptical marketers a low-risk way to explore Drawbridge’s capabilities.  Drawbridge connects more than one billion consumers and five billion devices.

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