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March 6, 2018

Bedrock Data Adds Unified Customer Database

Bedrock Data Adds Unified Customer Database

Bedrock Data

Data sharing vendor Bedrock Data has launched Fusion, which unifies customer data from source systems, stores the result in a SQL database, and shares it with other systems. Their previous product, Sync, moved data directly between applications. The persistent database puts Fusion squarely in CDP territory.

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Infutor Announces Real-Time Identity Solution


identity data vendor Infutor maintains its own data sets but doesn’t build customer databases for clients. They’ve just added a real-time identity verification and enhancement solution called ID Max. Clients can provide a single identifiers and get back lots of details if the system finds a match. I’d be more excited about this hadn’t announced something similar a year ago.

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LiveRamp Launches IdentityLink for Television


When it comes to honking big piles of identity data, Acxiom LiveRamp is one of the biggest. They’ve just added IdentityLink for Television, which uses customer identities to connect advertising data with TV viewership data. Good for media planning, attribution, and cross channel campaigns.

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