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March 8, 2018

Let's Bust Some Myths

Buyers Pick Retailer Brand Over Lowest Price: ForeSee Report


Let’s bust some myths today. You know how price is the most important factor in retail purchase decisions? Not so according to ForeSee research: just 6% of shoppers chose their last merchant because of price while 45% said it was driven mostly by retailer preference. They also found about 27% of people who start their purchase on Web and mobile shoppers end up buying in-store. Interesting.

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34% of Gen Z Have Quit a Social App: ORIGIN Research

Hill Holiday ORIGIN

Those crazy Gen Z kids are hopelessly addicted to social media, right? Well, 34% told researchers at Hill Holliday’s ORIGIN that they’ve quit at least one social app entirely and 64% have taken a temporary break. Some 68% say social media has occasionally made them unhappy but 91% use it and 62% say its overall effect is positive.

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TMobile and American Airlines Give World’s Best Customer Experience: Brandwatch Study


Most shocking of all: the best customer experience comes from telcos and airlines. So says Brandwatch, which ranked TMobile, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines in the three top slots of its CX report. Maybe they were grading on a curve?

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