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November 16, 2016

BlueVenn Surveys Marketers; Lytics and Omeda Offer Marketers a Platform; Evergage Gives Marketers Advice

BlueVenn Survey: Marketers Struggle with Analytics and Single Customer View

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Eight in ten marketers lack the knowledge or resources to create a true Single Customer View, according to a survey by customer data platform vendor BlueVenn.  The survey also found that four in ten have more than 20 data sources, three in ten feel their brand has accomplished genuine omni-channel marketing, and one in ten consider the concept of a Single Customer View to bad a “mythical beast” that isn’t practical in the real world. 

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Lytics and Omeda Join Forces to Offer Audience Engagement Platform for Publishers

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Lytics, a customer data platform with advanced analytics capabilities, has partnered with database and marketing services provide Omeda to offer pubilshers an integrated solution combining data management and data activation services.  It will merge data from multiple sources to build rich customer profiles, provide engagement and content affinity scoring, offer machine-learning based predictions of visitor behavior, create advertising audiences, and execute email and Website personalization campaigns.

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Evergage Adds Opportunity Identification to Its Recommendation Engine

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Personalization vendor Evergage announced Evergage Guardian, which monitors visitor behaviors across Web sites and mobile apps in real time to uncover opportunities and problems.  I like the symmetry in this: after recommending things to customers, Evergage is now recommending things to marketers.  A taste of their own medicine, as it were.  We don’t classify Evergage as a customer data platform because that’s not their core business, but they do build unified profiles. 

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