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March 14, 2018

Is 'Direct Mail News' an Oxymoron?

Quad/Graphics Improves Direct Mail Testing by Removing the ‘Direct Mail’ Part


Direct mail remains a nutritious part of your complete marketing mix. But innovation is rare. So it’s exciting to see printer Quad/Graphics touting a new platform that can run tests “at a fraction of the cost of traditional mailing testing.” Their trick is to have an online survey panel preview mailer elements and then pick the best combination. Clever and effective but I had imagined something more magical.

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Persado and Movable Ink Partner to Test Email Variations


By coincidence, we have an announcement from dynamic content generator Movable Ink and automated content creator Persado that they’ve partnered on a system to generate and test multiple versions of emails. Kinda like one of those chocolate-meets-peanut butter commercials. Results come from real promotions, not a survey panel. Of course, it’s much easier to test in email than print mail.

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Iterable Integrates with Inkit to Send Direct Mail

PR Web

I wouldn’t usually mention that omnichannel messaging tool Iterable has integrated with direct mail production platform Inkit. But it fits today’s topic and there’s not much else to report. So I just did.

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