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March 20, 2018

Amperity CDP Expands Availability of Multiple Customer Views

Amperity CDP Expands Availability of Multiple Customer Views

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CDP vendor Amperity announced general availability of its Databases functionality, which provides different customer views with different degrees of matching certainty. The system was previously available only to a small number of clients.

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Google/Facebook Take Shrinking Share of Digital Ad Revenue


The Google/Facebook duopoly’s share of digital ad revenue may have peaked, according to eMarketer figures. They predict the two companies will capture 56.8% of the market in 2018, down from 58.5% in 2017. But don’t think of this as a victory for the little guy: Amazon and Snapchat are taking up the slack.

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France Will Require Facebook to Remove Hate Content Within 24 Hours


Facebook has more troubles on the political front: the latest is a planned French law that requires they remove hate content within 24 hours or pay fines up to $62 million per incident. A similar German law is already in effect. Further clarifying who’s in charge, the law would also use government resources to find offensive content and empower the government to shut down hateful accounts when the social network fails to act. Can you hear me now?

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