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March 22, 2018

RedPoint Global, Segment, and More

RedPoint Global and PossibleNOW Cooperate on GDPR Solution

RedPoint Global

Lots of CDP and near-CDP news today. Let’s start with a “strategic initiative” between CDP RedPoint Global and enterprise preference manager PossibleNOW to cooperate on meeting some requirements of the GDPR privacy regulations. PossibleNOW provides the use interface and consent management while RedPoint connects with corporate data.

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Segment Adds Connector for Snowflake Cloud Database


Next up is Segment, which we classify as a CDP but mostly moves data between systems. Given the cool $6.5 billion that Salesforce paid yesterday for data connector MuleSoft, Segment would probably prefer to list itself in that category. In any case, they just added the ability to move data into cloud data warehouse Snowflake, which will store it and process analytical queries from tools like Tableau and Looker.

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Impact Radius Reveals “Integrated Platform” and Rebrands as “Impact”

PR Newswire

Finally, we have news from Impact Radius, a mashup of three businesses including the Altitude (formerly ClearSaleing) attribution system, which assembles enough customer data to be thought of as a CDP. The other two businesses are Forensiq (ad fraud detection) and Radius (affiliate, influencer, and other paid partner marketing). That’s a pretty diverse collection but we’re told they have now been “natively integrated” into a “marketing technology platform” and the company has rebranded as just plain Impact.

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