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November 17, 2016

TV-Watching Robots and Big Data for Marketing Measurement

Origami Logic Updates Its Marketing Signal Measurement Platform

Origami Logic

Origami Logic gathers a ton of marketing data for performance measurement.  But it doesn’t work at the individual customer level, so it’s not a customer data platform.  With hair-thin light gray type on a white background, its Web site may set a world record for illegibility. Just saying.

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iQ Media Offers Real-Time Searchable TV for Brands

Globe Newswire

Yes, it’s come to this: robots are watching TV for you.  iQ Media, whose business is monitoring media to track coverage for marketing and public relations teams, is using super-smart logo-recognition and spoken word-detection technology to track visual and aural mentions of brands.  In real time, no less.  Did I mention they have a library of 22 million hours of TV recorded over the past six years?

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NowDiscover Uses Machine Learning to Recommend User-Generated Videos

CMS Wire

There’s more than one super-smart computer out there watching a screen.  NowDiscover launched its beta earlier this month with a tool that uploads the product list from your Magento ecommerce store, scans YouTube for videos related to your products, classifies those videos and presents them for human review, and, if I’m reading this right, then watches your Web site visitors and recommends the right videos at the right time.  Did you notice that we just shifted from analyzing videos to tracking individual customers? 

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