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April 5, 2018

It's Now Cool to Bash Facebook

Some Mobile Apps Collect Excessive Consumer Data: Appthority Study


We’ve definitely entered the piling on stage of complaints about Facebook. For example, Appthority headlined its press release about data access permissions in iOS apps with “In Wake of Facebook Debacle” even though Facebook had nothing to do with the products it analyzed. Indeed, their finding that some apps collect large amounts of personal data seems both unsurprising and alarmist. They report that 24,000 apps openly ask permissions for “excessive” data collection and then casually mention this among more than two million apps examined – that is, just 1% of the total. That sounds like good news to me.

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People Less Fond of Social Advertising: Sprout Social Report

Sprout Social

Along the same lines, Sprout Social sent an email headlined “27% of consumers’ opinion of social media has declined” although the underlying report found 27% had a lower opinion of social advertising. Not the same at all. They also found people were more interested in seeing ads from brands (57%) than influencers (43%), which they said reflected a new demand for honesty. Perhaps.

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Americans Would Accept Low Pay for Viewing Ads: Research Intelligencer


The unifying thread in all this is the value of personal data. Research Intelligencer did some fascinating (to me) research that found most people would consider a rate below minimum wage to be fair pay for time spent viewing ads. The article links to another study that found advertisers actually pay under $3 per hour of consumer time. Equally fascinating (or not).

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