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April 13, 2018

Zaius Raises $30 Million Series B

Integrated Marketing Platform Zaius Raises $30 Million Series B


Zaius, which combines a unified customer database with email and Web site marketing execution, has raised a $30 million Series B funding, bringing its total to $50.8 million. Zaius calls itself a “B2C CRM”: it allows some CDP-style access to its data but its focus is on providing an integrated marketing system.

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Velocidi Acquires ShiftForward to Become a ‘Private CDP’


Velocidi imports customer data from online advertising, in-house, and third party sources; builds a unified database; and delivers segments to Web site, email, advertising, and other delivery systems. It’s probably more DMP than CDP although you’d need a close look at the technical details to decide. In any case, they just bought Portugal-based ShiftForward, which does similar work in a private cloud. They’re now calling themselves a “private CDP” to highlight the change.

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CDP mParticle and Others Create Open Framework to Manage GDPR Data Requests


CDP mParticle has joined mobile martech vendors AppsFlyer, Braze, and Amplitude to create a OpenGDPR, a public API specification for responding to subject data requests. In plainer English, the companies have built a way for different systems to cooperate at finding data about an individual, which is needed to comply with the new European Union GDPR privacy regulation. They hope others will adopt their framework as a standard. The goal is to make compliance easier – without a shared framework, it could be nightmarishly difficult.

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