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April 17, 2018

Drift Announces $60 Million Series C

Drift Announces $60 Million Series C

Business Wire

Just two weeks ago, we reported that “conversational marketing platform” Drift had added a module for sales reps and mentioned in passing that they had raised $47 million to date. That’s now obsolete: Drift today announced another $60 million funding and promised to “build the Amazon for businesses”. That’s some mighty strong Kool-Aid they’re drinking: unlike Amazon, Drift doesn’t sell anything except its own system. To be fair, the blog post that making the Amazon comparison actually said their mission is to “make B2B buying as easy as buying from Amazon” which is somewhat more reasonable.

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Half of Q1 Martech Funding was in Cryptocurrencies: MarTech Advisor

MarTech Advisor

Speaking of funding and Kool-Aid: MarTech Advisor’s latest analysis of martech funding finds the biggest trend is ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings of crypto-currencies similar to Bitcoin). Of the $3.6 billion raised in the first quarter of 2018, ICOs accounted for half. Figures were distorted by $1.7 billion in ICO for UK-based privacy-oriented messaging platform Telegram Messenger.

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Bottos Creates Blockchain-Fueled Marketplace for AI Training Data


All the cool kids (and that definitely includes you, Dear Reader) know that cryptocurrencies use blockchain and that the only thing cooler than blockchain by itself is using blockchain to pay for data. Bottos ups the ante by using blockchain to track and pay for data that’s used to train artificial intelligence. It’s so cool my fingers get cold just writing about it. AND their Data Marketplace will include a rating system for AI companies and data providers to ensure transparency. I need gloves.

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