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April 19, 2018

CDP Vizury is Now Lemnisk

CDP Vizury Is Now Lemnisk


Bangalore-based CDP vendor Vizury has changed its name to Lemnisk. The company works primarily with financial services clients in Asia but is expanding. “Lemnisk” is based on “lemniscate”, the name for the sideways “8” used to represent infinity. You knew that, right?

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Most Companies Will Miss GDPR Compliance Deadline: Crowd Research Partners

CyberSecurity Insiders

You may think of GDPR as a marketing problem, but IT or information security is in charge of compliance at 52% of companies, with legal or compliance running the show at 28% and marketing nowhere on the list. Just 40% of the firms will be ready to comply when GDPR when it goes into effect on May 25 and fewer than half are doing anything beyond taking an inventory of user data. A frightening 57% said they don’t always notify clients and authorities when a data breach happens…which is why rules like GDPR are needed in the first place. There’s no geographic breakdown of the respondents – presumably, GDPR readiness is higher in Europe.

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Some Adtech Firms Using GDPR as Excuse to Leave Europe: DigiDay


A few adtech firms blaming GDPR for a decision to leave Europe altogether, according to this article in DigiDay. The author says some are using GDPR as an excuse to leave a market that wasn’t working for them anyway.

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