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April 26, 2018

Surveys Worth Reading

Most Marketers Unhappy with Personalization Efforts: Evergage Survey


Ok, Dear Reader, I know you’re not always interested in surveys but here are some that are exceptionally deep. First, Evergage dives into personalization and finds that 88% of marketers think their customers expect it but just 31% think marketers get it right. A solid 87% report personalization has generated a measureable lift in results. Good detail here on channels, data sources, obstacles, and such. Best factoid: the proportion thinking personalization should be a high priority has grown from 64% in 2016 to 77% in 2018.

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e-Spirit Survey: 26% of Companies Can Deliver Personalized Real Time Digital Experience


Drilling further, digital experience platform e-Spirit finds just 26% of companies can currently deliver personalized experiences in real time. They find huge differences between leaders and laggards in cross-channel content distribution, system integration, and more. Factoid: just 25% of companies use 60% or more of their existing digital experience systems.

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Organization is Biggest Obstacle to Marketing Effectiveness: Korn Ferry Survey

Korn Ferry

Finally, Korn Ferry reports that CMOs feel analytics and personalization are the functions they most need to improve, but organizational alignment is the biggest obstacle to being effective. Another conundrum: 52% say they can’t connect marketing activities to company performance but 45% say their bonus is driven by financial results. For all the talk about customer experience, just 13% say customer satisfaction is the most important factor in their bonus and only 12% cite brand health.

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