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November 22, 2016

Basket Lets Shoppers Share Prices; Extole Rewards Retail Advocates; Tenjin Offers Self-Service to Mobile Marketers

Basket Lets Grocery Shoppers Share Pricing Information

PR Newswire

This story caught my eye because it’s about consumers gathering data about companies, instead of the other way around.  Man bites dog, as it were.  In Basket's case, consumers are sharing grocery store price and availability information through a mobile app.  One of the co-founders was an early employee at Waze, which is based on crowd-sourcing traffic information. 

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Extole Mixes Advocates and Loyalty Marketing for Retailers

Business Wire

I’d have loved to make “the customer strikes back” my theme for the day, but those stories are scarce.  Extole specializes in advocate marketing, which is sort of about empowered customers.  But its big news today is a system that lets retailers give separate rewards to new customers when they join a loyalty program and to the advocates who recommended them when those customers make a purchase.  This is companies shaping consumer behaviors, which is the way things usually go.  Dog bites man: no news in that.

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Tenjin Adds Self-Service for Mobile Marketers

Martech Advisor

Let’s look at empowerment from a different angle.  Tenjin is a mobile analytics provider that has just introduced self-service features for app marketers.  In the grand scheme of things, marketers are less oppressed than consumers but more oppressed than your average partner at Goldman Sachs, so giving them more control counts as a net gain.  If you're finding all this talk about empowerment to be irrelevant, I can also point out that Tenjin loads detailed advertising and user-level behavior data into its Tenjin DataVault,thereby creating some flavor of customer database.  That’s what you're looking for in the CDP Institute newsletter, right?

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