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May 16, 2018

CDP Optimove Buys Email Dynamic Content Engine

CDP Optimove Buys Email Dynamic Content Engine


CDP vendor Optimove has acquired email dynamic content technology DynamicMail from native advertising vendor PowerInBox. The technology can update email content when an email is opened. Optimove says it sent more than 3 billion emails last year.

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Majority of Marketers Don’t Segment Their Email: GetResponse Survey


Did someone mention email? Nearly half (47%) of respondents to a survey from GetResponse and SmartInsights rated email effectiveness as good or excellent, considerably ahead of any other channel. Yet just 17% do anything more than basic segmentation, 60% don’t test anything, and 53% do no segmentation at all. So there’s great room for improvement.

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Most B2B Marketers Ignore Email Sign-Ups: SuperOffice Study


More bad news: when CRM vendor SuperOffice signed up anonymously to 1,000 B2B email lists, 59% of the companies sent nothing within 90 days. Other worst practices: 8% lacked an unsubscribe link, 9% sent emails after an unsubscribe attempt and 18% were not mobile-friendly. .

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