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May 21, 2018

Bad Service Costs $75 Billion Per Year

Bad Service Costs U.S. Business $75 Billion Per Year: NewVoiceMedia


Woke up this morning eager to read surveys about customer service, you did not. But it’s still intriguing that poor service costs U.S. $75 billion per year in lost customer value, according to NewVoiceMedia. Here’s more: 86% of consumers would be more loyal if they made a positive emotional connection with a customer service agent, but just 30% said this has happened in the past year. Download now so you can amaze your colleagues at lunch.

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Poor Integration Is Most Common Customer Service Complaint: CCW Digital

CCW Digital

Doubtful that emotional connection is what consumers crave most? You should be: CCW Digital found that having to repeat information when transferring between channels is the biggest complaint that agents hear, followed by inaccurate information, product issues, and long wait times. Agents’ own top complaint was unintegrated systems. But there’s hope: helping systems talk to each other was number one on managers’ project list.

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Virtual Agents Don’t Yet Solve Service Problems: NTT Data

NTT Data

NTT Data asked consumers directly about their top service frustrations and got quite different results from CCW: multiple transfers (12%) ranked far behind long wait times (43%), inability to reach a real person (20%) and uninformed agents (15%). Go figure. If you’re thinking automation will reduce wait times, consider this: 94% of consumers prefer a live agent, mostly because virtual agents often fail to resolve their problems. NTT does see change on the way as virtual agents get better.

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