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May 31, 2018

conDati, Signifyd, Paypal, Jetlore

conDati Launches Digital Marketing Analytics Product

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Lots of fun product news today. First we have the official launch of conDati, which assembles marketing data from multiple sources and uses it for reports, visualization, and forecasting. conDati ingests data from advertising, Web analytics, email, social, and marketing automation systems but seems to work at the level of campaigns, not individual customers. They raised a $4.7 million Series A earlier this month.

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Fraud Protection Service Signifyd Raises $100 Million Series D

Business Wire

Next is a $100 million Series D from Signifyd, which offers guaranteed fraud detection to e-commerce merchants. They judge orders based on individual-level information ranging from device fingerprints and IP geo-location to social graphs and public records to cross-merchant blacklists, drawing on experiences of more than 10,000 clients. The “guaranteed” part is they pay the merchant if an approved order results in a credit card chargeback. Total funding is now $186 million.

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PayPal Buys Jetlore Recommendation Engine


Finally, PayPal has purchased e-commerce recommendation engine Jetlore for an undisclosed sum. Jetlore analyzes product descriptions, individual behavior histories, and context to make very precise recommendations. It joins PayPal’s Marketing Solutions group, which has tools to help merchants analyze their customers and offer customized purchase incentives. Didn’t know they did that, did you? Jetlore had raised $10.6 million.

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