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June 4, 2018

Slow Speed Threatens Blockchain Future

Slow Speed Threatens Blockchain Future: Condusiv Technologies

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Scalability problems threaten blockchain’s future, according to Condusiv Technologies. Bitcoin processes three to four transaction per second while Visa handles more than 56,000. Here’s another report with similar results. Condusiv sells technology to speed database performance.

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Ternio Sets Trial of Blockchain-Based Programmatic Ad Exchange

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Ternio says it has a blockchain that runs more than one million transactions per second. They have an independent audit to prove it but no commercial product. That will start to change in July when they begin trials of a blockchain-based programmatic ad exchange.

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Loyela Uses Blockchain for Loyalty Program

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Since we’re on the topic, let’s finish with a blockchain-based loyalty protocol from a company called Loyela. It lets merchants reward consumers with transferable tokens. Still in the pilot stage and an initial coin offering is planned for September.

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