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June 12, 2018

Validity Buys BriteVerify Email Verification Service

Validity Buys Email Verification Vendor BriteVerify


Data quality vendor Validity has purchased BriteVerify, which verifies email addresses in real time. Over 500 million per month, in fact. It’s Validity’s second acquisition this year, following their purchase of CRMfusion in April.

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87% of Mobile Marketers Gain from Location Targeting: Factual Survey


Is better data a privacy invasion, marketing boon, or a bit of both? Making the case for marketing, location data vendor Factual reports that 87% of mobile marketers say they gain value from location-based targeting, using it to target ads, location-based offers, and personalization. So that’s a good thing, right? Everybody loves a well-targeted offer.

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Proposed California Privacy Act Even Tougher than GDPR: AdExchanger Analysis


Arguing the other side are privacy advocates like those backing the proposed California law that’s often compared with GDPR. This piece from AdExchanger shows how it’s different and in some ways even more stringent (hint: no exemption for “legitimate interest”). You won’t be surprised that it’s strongly opposed by ad industry groups.

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