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June 27, 2018

SessionM Expands Salesforce Integration

SessionM Expands Salesforce Integration

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CDP SessionM has expanded its Salesforce integration to incorporate Marketing, Commerce, and Service clouds. The AppExchange app loads Salesforce data, adds predictive model scores, metrics, and recommendations, and exposes the results to Salesforce components. Some other CDPs are listed on AppExchange but it’s quite rare.

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Consumers Want Connected Experiences, Not Just Personalization: Mulesoft Survey


Speaking of integration, Salesforce-owned Mulesoft reports that 81% of consumers feel that organizations provide a disconnected experience and 69% would consider changing service providers when that happens. But 72% also believe they receive personalized service – a good reminder that disconnected experience can still be personalized. Interesting breakdowns here of perceptions by industry and across countries.

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Most U.S. Consumers Will Trade Data for Value: Acxiom and DMA


It’s also good to be reminded that different consumers have different attitudes towards personalization and data sharing. Acxiom and the Data & Marketing Association (DMA) found that U.S. consumers fall into three camps: 58% are pragmatists who decide on a case-by-case basis when sharing data is worthwhile; 24% are fundamentalists who never want to provide personal information, and 18% are unconcerned about data sharing. Lots of detail here about attitudes towards selling data, transparency, personal control, and more.

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