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June 28, 2018

mParticle Integrates with Google Customer Match

mParticle Integrates with Google Customer Match


CDP mParticle has added an integration with Google Customer Match, making it easier to send mParticle audiences for Google to match against. mParticle already had similar integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. I’m not sure this qualifies as newsworthy but you do seem to like items that feature CDP vendors, Dear Reader.

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Roku Offers TV Audience Marketplace


Remember when targeting TV ads at individuals seemed like an impossible dream? Today, options abound. Streaming TV hardware vendor Roku is the latest to monetize its customers, offering an audience marketplace based on its direct customer relationships.

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Nielsen Catalina Solutions Launches Cross-Device Ad Measurement

Nielsen Catalina Solutions

Another perennial challenge that suddenly seems to have many solutions is measuring the impact of advertising on retail sales. Nielsen Catalina Solutions, which combines Nielsen TV viewing data with Catalina’s retail purchase information, has just launched new variation of its service. This one is focused on measuring the combined impact of ads viewed on different types of TV and video devices.

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