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July 2, 2018

California Passes Strong Data Privacy Law

Contextual Targeting Works as Well as Third Party Data: Roast Study


If there’s any universally accepted truth among data-driven marketers, it’s that ad placements based on individual data are more effective than placements based on context (i.e., the publication where an ad appears). This study from online ad agency Roast and ad platform Teads challenges that assumption, finding contextual targeting works equally as well as targeting on typical third party segments such as lifestyle, demographics, and interests. Many caveats apply: they measured click-through rate, not conversions; they tested a B2B ad (for a study about voice search advertising); and they tested broad data categories, not specific information about individuals. But interesting nevertheless.

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California Passes Strong Data Privacy Law Effective 2020


The value of third party data is a hot topic in part because of fears that privacy rules may make it less available. California last week passed a law that gives consumers new rights to prohibit sale of their data, which it notably defines to include Web browsing and search history as well as names and email addresses. The law is expected to be amended – and probably weakened – well before it goes into effect in 2020.

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Compiler Exactis Exposed Data on 340 Million U.S. individuals


There’s nothing like a good privacy breach to remind us why data privacy laws are needed. Computer security consultant Vinny Troia scanned the Internet for unprotected Elasticsearch databases and hit paydirt: 340 million records from marketing data compiler Exactis. It had lots of detailed information on U.S. consumers and business contacts, although nothing really sensitive like Social Security Number. This isn’t technically a “breach” since Exactis’ security wasn’t penetrated. They just didn’t have any.

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