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July 9, 2018

Albert Technologies Raises $18 Million for Autonomous Campaigns

Albert Technologies Raises $18 Million More for Autonomous Campaigns


Autonomous marketing campaign builder Albert Technologies has raised an $18 million funding round. Albert uses artificial intelligence to select optimal campaign channels, segments, and contents from feeds provided by its clients. The firm had already raised $42 million in 2015 when it was called Adgorithms.

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Oasis Labs Raises $45 Million for Blockchain-Based Smart Contracts


Another day, another blockchain announcement. But at least Oasis Labs is working on smart contracts, not helping consumers sell their own data. They just raised $45 million based largely on the reputation of company leader Dawn Song, an industry superstar. You haven’t heard of her because she’s an expert in keeping things private and she’s just that good.

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Data Technology Is Marketers’ Highest Investment Priority: Survey


AI and blockchain are cool but marketers are really spending their money on data technologies, according to this survey sponsored by smarterHQ, Cheetah Digital, Liveclicker, and MailCharts. Lots of insights packed into 16 pages including differences by industry.

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