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July 11, 2018

MediaMath Raises $225 Million

Chaos Reigns at CDP Institute


You might have noticed that yesterday’s lead story about our latest industry update was a repeat of a story from last week. Clever repromotion, you thought. But if you clicked on the link, you were offered our new report on the European CDP industry instead. We’ll admit: it was all a mistake. Clearly someone needs a vacation. Once and for all: you can download the global report here and the European report here.

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MediaMath Announces Expanded Identity Tracking and $225 Million More Funding


Programmatic adtech vendor MediaMath has announced $225 million in new financing, bringing their total to over $600 million per Crunchbase. Perhaps more interesting is they plan to spend a good part of it on customer identity tracking.

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Topbox Raises $5 Million for Unstructured Data Analytics


Voice and text analytics vendor Topbox has raised $5 million for its own expansion. They specialize in converting unstructured interaction data such as call transcripts and social media posts into structured forms that can analyzed. That’s really tough, in case you didn't know.

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