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July 13, 2018

83% of Agencies Use Their Own Tech to Buy Ads

83% of Agencies Use Own Tech for Programmatic Ad Buys: IPONWEB Study


You were very interested in Wednesday’s news about MediaMath’s $225 million funding, Dear Reader. So I thought you might also like this study from IPONWEB, which finds that most agencies are managing programmatic ad buys using their own technology exclusively (49%) or in combination with third party products like MediaMath (34%). As you might guess, IPONWEB sells that sort of thing.

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Simpli.fi Targets Programmatic Ads by Physical Address


Simpli.fi is another programmatic ad platform, specializing in localized buys. They just announced a geo-fencing solution that sends messages to people when they enter a physical location such as their home or business address. There’s nothing like coming home to a friendly Web ad after a hard day at work.

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TVadSync Adds Unacast Location Tracking to Measure Ad Impact on Store Traffic


Unacast tracks the locations of mobile devices (and, implicitly, their owners). TVadSync tracks the TV ads that devices (and their owners) are exposed to and sends retargeting campaigns to them. TVadSync has now integrated Unacast data so it can also tie retail store visits to TV ads and retargeting campaigns.

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