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July 17, 2018

Salesforce Buys Datorama CDP for $800 Million

Salesforce Buys Datorama CDP for $800 Million


Salesforce.com is buying Datorama, a CDP focused on marketing measurement and optimization. The price was reportedly over $800 million. The deal is the first acquisition of a CDP by one of the major marketing cloud vendors. Salesforce cited “expanded data integration and intelligence” as the benefits.

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Tamr Raises $18 Million for Data Unification


It’s been a good week for data unification. Tamr, which applies AI to unify data from separate sources, announced an $18 million funding round. This brings total funding to $59.2 million

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Stibo Systems Adds GDPR Support to Customer Master Data Management

Stibo Systems

Still more unification: Master Data Management vendor Stibo Systems announced new customer data management features to simplify GDPR compliance by letting users set data policies within the system.

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