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July 20, 2018

Will Smart Speakers Replace Smartphones?

Smart Speakers Replace Existing Devices: NPR Research

National Public Radio

Just when marketers were getting used to smartphones as their primary communications channel, smart speakers could displace them. That’s the implication of an NPR study that found the latest wave of smart speaker buyers were more likely than early adopters to use them for everyday tasks like ordering food and listening to the news, and less likely to apply new functions such as controlling home appliances. In fact, 43% of recent buyers specifically intended their smart speaker to help them reduce screen time, compared with just 24% of early adopters. Not good news if you’ve built your marketing programs around smartphones.

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Consumers Eager to Use Mobile Wallets: Vibes Report


Maybe consumers wouldn’t be so eager to adopt smart speakers if their smartphones were less annoying. This study finds that consumers unsubscribe from smartphone messaging mainly because companies send too many messages (57%) and the messages are irrelevant (44%). The authors find that consumers are eager to adopt mobile wallets so long as the wallets are accompanied by coupons and their security is assured. The study is sponsored by Vibes, which sells mobile messaging, notifications, and wallet technologies.

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Messaging Apps Are The Biggest Enterprise Security Threat


No discussion of mobile would be complete without bashing Facebook and other mobile-dominant services. So let’s finish with a report from enterprise mobile threat protection vendor Appthority, finding that WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger are the biggest security threats to enterprises, based on a combination of how widely they’re used and how risky it is to use them. Implication: consumers want to move away from their smartphone for more reasons than inadequate coupons.

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