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July 23, 2018

Most IT Leaders Believe Outsiders Can Access Their Networks

Most IT Decision Makers Believe Outsiders Can Access Their Networks: Gemalto Survey


More than two-thirds (68%) of IT decision makers believe unauthorized users can access their networks yet 93% would trust their organization to store their personal data, according to this survey from digital security vendor Gemalto. Weird. Consumers have picked up on the vibe: just 52% trust organizations to manage their personal data. Click here for a slick interactive version of the report that can compare results by country.

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More than Half of U.S. Retailers Had Data Breach in Past Year: Thales

Thales eSecurity

Worries about data security are well founded: 52% of U.S. retailers experienced a data breach in the past year, according to the Thales Data Threat Report. The number more than doubled from 19% the previous year. Lots of details including comparison of U.S. retail breach rates to global rates. Guess who has more breaches?

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Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft Cooperating to Simplify Data Sharing

Data Transfer Project

Why should bad guys have all the data moving fun? Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft have plans for an open source data portability platform that will make it easy to share personal data between platforms. This would make it easier for people to switch providers although a cynic would also note it makes unauthorized sharing easy too.

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