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August 10, 2018

One-Third of Marketers Have CDP in Place: Winterberry Report

One-Third of Marketers Have CDP In Place: Winterberry Group Report for DMA


Customer Data Platforms are deployed by 38% of the marketers and vendors surveyed by Winterberry Group in a new report for the DMA. The figure is impressive although CDPs still lag Data Management Platforms (48%), Third party data (51%) and CRM databases (69%). Other results: insights and email targeting are the most goals for identity-related investments and extracting data from “walled garden” vendors like Facebook, Google, and Amazon is the biggest challenge in identifying addressable audiences. Lots more.

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CMOs Don’t Trust Walled Gardens But Like Their Results: Nielsen Survey


Walled gardens were top of mind for CMOs polled in a Nielsen survey too. They ranked social and search marketing as the most effective media channels, even though just 26% were satisfied with their relationships with the walled garden vendors and 24% had a high level of trust in the measurements they provide. Martech fared no better: just 26% were very confident they had the right technology in place.

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Voice Shopping is Barely a Whisper: Reported Amazon Data

The Information

&If you need a reminder that surveys aren’t always accurate: a report in The Information says that internal Amazon documents show only 2% of smart speaker owners actually made a purchase with them so far in 2018. Surveys based on self-reported consumer behavior have put the rate above 50% or even 70%.

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