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December 5, 2016

IT Prioritizes Security Over Martech; Consumers Prefer Chatbots to Live Agents; CDPs Need Persistent Data

Shocker! IT Departments’ Highest Priority Isn't Marketing


Marketers may think that they and their systems are the center of the business universe but the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily agree.  When Computerworld asked IT managers to describe their single most important technology project, marketing technology ranked a dismal 20th of 28 categories.  The list was headed by security, legacy system modernization and on-premise software.  Slightly better news is that “customer satisfaction/experience” ranked just behind productivity and security as the most common project goal.  But it’s a safe bet that IT defines customer experience as more than better marketing. 

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Another Shocker! Most Consumers Prefer Chatbots to Live Customer Service Agents

Business Wire

In fact, 38% prefer cleaning toilets to contacting customer service, according to this survey from contact center vendor Aspect.  Ouch!  Aspect found that 71% would rather solve problems without talking to a live agent, although they want a live agent available if they need one.  Buried on the last page but relevant to Customer Data Platforms: 80% expect company agents, whether humans or robots, to have every previous interaction available when they reach out for service.

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Not At All Shocking! CDPs Need Persistent Data

CDP Institute Blog

What, did you think this was the National Enquirer?  You won’t be surprised that Customer Data Platforms need to store data.  After all, it’s in the definition.  But choosing what to store or not to store isn’t so simple.  This post from the CDP Institute blog offers some advice.  As a bonus, it's illustrated with Salvador Dali’s cool “melting watch” picture, which you may recall is named “The Persistence of Memory”. 

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