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August 24, 2018

Adobe Enhances Email Features

AdTheorent Targets Ads at Your Family


Predictive advertising company AdTheorent has announced a product that sends ads to friends and family of targeted individuals. Clients send the company a target list; AdTheorent matches it against its 740 million device database, finds other devices in the same physical household, and serves ads on those devices. So those red shoes you didn’t buy can now chase your significant other across the Internet. It’s really just household targeting but it sure sounds annoying.

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Adobe Enhances Email Features


Adobe has announced some minor email improvements, including an enhanced email designer, added reporting, and multilingual push messages. But it’s Adobe so you’re probably interested.

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CleverTap Launches Advanced Journey Builder


Mobile marketing platform CleverTap is less known than Adobe but has a more impressive announcement: a new journey builder with the full set of bells and whistles. We’re talking drag-and-drop interface, contextual messages, branches based on user response, live statistics, dynamic segmentation, and the rest.

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