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August 29, 2018

Facebook Engagement Down 45%

Informatica Adds New Features for Data Integration


Here’s a fiendish little test, Dear Reader. I know you’ll read even trivial news about the likes of Salesforce and Adobe, but does that curiosity extend to serious-but-unflashy companies like Informatica? They’ve just announced a slew of enhancements to their master data management, cloud data integration, and data privacy products. It’s all directly relevant to customer data management, so you should be interested. Then again, it’s Informatica.

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Facebook Engagement Down 45%: BuzzSumo and Buffer Study


It’s official: we’ve reached Peak Facebook. BuzzSumo and Buffer examined 43 million posts on the top 20,000 Facebook business pages and found total interactions fell from 23 billion in second quarter 2017 to 12.8 billion in second quarter 2018. That’s 45% fewer interactions. Meanwhile, posts rose from 6.8 million to 8.1 million, so interactions per post fell even more sharply. The study also finds that five posts per day is the optimal frequency. Makes me tired just writing about it.

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Out of Home Ads Really Work: Rapport Study


Social isn’t dead yet. But if you’re looking to hedge some bets, think about Out of Home (OOH) advertising, which is fancy talk for billboards, in-store signs, and such. OOH media agency Rapport examined 2,000 case studies in the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising database to compare brands that didn’t use OOH with those that spent at least 15% of their budget on it. They found OOH users improved brand trust, esteem, customer loyalty, and sales; magnified the impact of ads in other channels; and were better looking. Well, maybe not the last one.

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