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August 30, 2018

Real Story Group Publishes CDP Vendor Report

Real Story Group Publishes CDP Vendor Report

Real Story Group

Looking for CDP vendor evaluations? Have $6,200 to spend? Fiercely independent Real Story Group just published their 156-page opus, covering 18 vendors with more to come. The price includes a year of updates plus supporting materials. One-on-one advisory services are extra.

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Verizon-Owned Yahoo and AOL Read Customer Emails to Target Ads

Wall Street Journey

Latest in our regrettably endless series on bad privacy behavior: the Wall Street Journal reports that Oath, the Verizon-owned online unit that includes Yahoo and AOL, is reading customers’ emails to help target advertising. Actually, Yahoo has been doing it for ten years and said so in the fine print of user agreements. They try to read only “commercial” emails to understand what you’re buying, how much you travel, whether you’re an active investor, and so on. Does that make you feel better?

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Half of Users Don’t Change Passwords After Being Hacked: LastPass Research


One eternal question about privacy is whether consumers really care. Password protection vendor LastPass found that consumers still engage in terribly risky behaviors, like using the same password for multiple accounts, even though they know better. In fact, just 55% said they'd change a password after an account had been hacked. But let’s not be negative: you can read this as an uplifting tale of unquenchable human optimism in the face harsh reality.

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