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September 24, 2018

Amazon and Salesforce Add Voice-Powered Products

Amazon Adds Voice-Powered Microwave and More


It’s hard not to be snarky about this: someone at Amazon thought a voice-powered microwave with automated popcorn replenishment was worth a press release. Maybe they were being ironic. If you insist on taking this seriously, it illustrates continued progress in voice-based consumer interfaces. Amazon released a dozen other voice-powered devices as well.

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Salesforce Releases Voice-Enabled CRM


Salesforce has joined the speech party with Einstein Voice, which lets users update CRM records by vocally describing an interaction. The system’s natural language AI identifies the appropriate records and data fields and updates them. Intriguing but you’d want to test very carefully for accuracy. They also announced a product that lets users create their own voice bots for public use.

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Security Firm Shows Second-Hand Amazon Echo Could Spy on Buyers

Martech Today

Sorry to rain on the parade, but we also have a report that security researchers have shown a second-hand Amazon Echo can spy on people. This is so not surprising that we almost handed it over to our Department of the Obvious. Better news: the California legislature has passed a law setting security regulations for Internet of Things devices. This Digital Trends article says the law leaves much to be desired. But it’s a start.

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