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September 25, 2018

Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP Announce Project to Unify Customer Data

Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP Announce Project to Unify Customer Data


Adobe, Microsoft, and SAP announced an “Open Data Initiative” including a public, extensible data model and shared data lake on Microsoft Azure. The project is in early stages, with engineers from the three companies still working to reconcile their individual models. This Adobe blog post suggests that Adobe has already published schemas to help share data among its own systems. For an assessment of what this means for CDPs, see this post on Customer Experience Matrix.

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mParticle Simplifies Loading Mobile App Events to Facebook


CDP mParticle has added an integration to upload mobile app events to Facebook’s advertising platform in real time. This program will save marketers the effort of developing custom data feeds into Facebook. Good to know that Facebook’s other problems haven’t stopped it from finding ways to capture more data.

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V12 Launches “CDP Solution” Including Third Party Data and Services

V12 Data

Marketing data and services vendor V12 has launched an “integrated CDP solution” that combines first and third party data, multi-channel integration, automated emails, and analytics. V12 can populate the system with its own third party data, a feature that’s recently started to showing up in more CDPs. Offerings include marketing execution and services, which may place the system beyond the CDP Institute's definition of CDP as "packaged software".

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