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October 1, 2018

Media Slam Facebook after 50 Million User Security Breach

Media Slam Facebook after 50 Million User Security Breach


Data breaches happen all the time. But now that Facebook is the poster child for BadTech, someone grabbing 50 million account access tokens was literally front page news in the major media. Nobody knows what, if anything, the hackers did with the tokens. But breathless coverage of the story is arguably more interesting than the event itself.

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Facebook Lets Advertisers Match Users Against Private Information


One of Facebook’s suggestions after their breach was to use two-factor authentication, which uses something like a phone number to confirm a user’s identity when they log in. Alas, Facebook has just been caught using such information without permission to help advertisers target individuals. Facebook said it's just trying to help: “we use the information people provide to offer a more personalized experience, including showing more relevant ads.”

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Slack Buys Astro to Shift Conversations from Email


It would be easy to find more BadTech news about Facebook but you get the picture so let’s change the subject. Collaboration platform Slack has acquired email app Astro, which already had a Slack integration. Don’t read this as Slack is admitting email is here to stay: the company says its “goal is to make it as easy as possible to help teams shift conversations to where they would be most productive — in a channel.”

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