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October 3, 2018

Arm Treasure Data Adds Marketer-Focused Features

Arm Treasure Data Adds Marketer-Focused Features

Arm Treasure Data

CDP Arm Treasure Data has launched Audience Suite, a collection of features that make it easier for marketers to analyze and activate customer data. New capabilities include a complete customer profile on a single screen, guided segmentation interface, AI-based predictive analytics, and real-time personalization with prebuilt integration to common marketing applications.

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Ad Industry Groups Offer Standard “Label” for Audience Data Information

IAB Tech Lab

A coalition of ad industry organizations has presented a draft “Data Transparency Label” to present standard information about audience data sets. It’s modeled on the nutritional labels that appear on foods, which frankly is a little weird. But the group promises to include an associated compliance program to ensure the information is accurate, which would be a big step forward for data buyers.

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Compliance Is Primary Focus of Corporate IT: ASG CIO Survey

ASG Technologies

Switching to internal data, a study from data governance vendor ASG Technologies finds that half of CIOs report all or most of their data management initiatives are focused on compliance. In other words, if marketers get their feeling their data needs are not top priority, they're probably right. The study also reported that 81% of IT teams use enterprise data compared with just 63% of marketing teams. It’s plausible that many marketing teams use only non-enterprise data but what, exactly, are those 19% of IT teams working with?

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