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October 4, 2018

IBM Announces Latest Batch of AI-Based Marketing Products

IBM Announces Latest Batch of AI-Based Marketing Products

Marketing Dive

Let’s do product news today. IBM has several recent announcements including AI-powered interactive advertisements (pretty cool), an AI-based programmatic ad bid optimizer, and AI-based audience targeting in conjunction with LiveRamp. Yesterday also saw the formal release of Watson Assistant for Marketing, a natural language reporting interface for IBM’s Campaign and digital marketing platforms that was announced last month.

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Movable Ink Extends Dynamic Content to Web and Display

PR Web

Personalization platform Movable Ink announced its extension of its dynamic visual content beyond email to Web and display ads. Messages in the different channels are coordinated by a central orchestration engine that can draw on multiple data sources and automatically select top-performing creative versions.

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Connecthings Launches Location-Based Marketing Platform


Location platform Connecthings has launched Herow, which lets app developers create campaigns based on information about physical sites, precise tracking of mobile device user movements, and local conditions such as weather and traffic. The company also released a survey of mobile users that found their current apps get their location wrong 40% of the time, that 60% want mobile experiences customized to personal desires and location, and 72% don’t want their data shared with third parties.

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